Mouth Guards

Mouth Guards

Dental night guards are mostly recommended by dental experts in order to deal with the problem of clenching and teeth grinding (Bruxism). Precisely, a night mouth guard is worn so that takes all the pressures of grinding and teeth clenching, while you are asleep at night. Therefore, it is not a treatment. It does not essentially aid in getting rid of the problem of Bruxism, but actually, prevents the possible damage that could be caused to your teeth with that ill-habit of yours.

So, while getting a sleep mouth guard for yourself, how would you segregate it from that of a sports mouth guard?

A dental night guard differs from a sports mouth mouth guard in more than ways that are commonly known. The two primary differences are:

  • Night guards are made of harder material as they need to protect the biting surfaces. On the contrary, sports ones are made of softer and thicker substance to save the jaw from any severe sports injury. Night mouth guards are thinner in appearance as they need to save the teeth from unnecessary bites only!
  • Sports guards can be customized (such as color changed according to the theme of the team). The acrylic material that makes the sports guards can be custom made by adding the desired hue to it. Night guards on the other hand are generally transparent.

Types of mouth guards available:


They are the easily available ones, found in most sports stores in your vicinity. They are the ready-made ones and therefore generally come small, medium and large sizes. Due to this limited size options, they often don’t give the comfort of a tight fit. Talking becomes a little uneasy too. These appliances, usually cover the upper set of your teeth.


These are named so because they come custom-made, and in order to be so, they are made to boil until it softens and then placed in front of the teeth so that the user is able to bite down the device to place them correctly and conveniently. It comes with a set of instructions for the ease of the user!


Finally these are the ones that comes from the office of your dentist. The shape and structure of your teeth are captured and then the mouthguard is sent to be manufactured. Quite obviously, they are more expensive and are the best advisable treatment options, when suffering from problems like sleep apnea, snoring or bruxism.

So how are these mouth guards made to help you out of your sleeping troubles?

Step 1: The model cast or mould is made for both the upper and the lower set of teeth. It is then sent to the laboratory to make the customized night guard.

Step 2: The guard is finally fabricated using the mould. The material used is soft, dual laminate or hard acrylic. The appliance is made for either the upper or the lower set of teeth (usually the upper one) and checked for final fitting issues after delivering it to the patient.

A custom mouth guard as compared to the others should be made such that it does not cause any discomfort or pain in the mouth. It should not be loose inside the mouth either, as these are the commendable virtues of a custom made night guard!

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