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Exams And Teeth Cleaning

Exams And Teeth Cleaning In Magnolia, TX

Routine dental visits to our Magnolia, TX, dentist's office are essential for maintaining good oral health. This includes a thorough cleaning and examination.

What Does Dental Cleaning Include?

During the professional cleaning session, we work hard to ensure that you have a healthy smile. This cleaning is critical because we do far more than you can with a toothbrush at home. We will remove tartar and plaque to prevent periodontal disease, rotting, and other irregularities. Your teeth will be polished as well. A variety of dental tools are used to complete professional cleaning. In some cases, gum disease may necessitate a more thorough but still conservative cleaning. Scaling and root planing is a more thorough cleaning that necessitates the removal of plaque and tartar from beneath the gums by the dentist. Patients who have periodontal disease may necessitate this more invasive cleaning.


What Does Professional Dental Exams Include?

After your teeth have been cleaned, our dentist in Magnolia, TX, will examine them for any signs of dental disease or concern. For new patients and at regular intervals, we use digital x-rays to get a better view of what's happening inside your mouth and to check for changes since your last appointment. We look for an overbite, bone disease, root decay, TMJ disorders, and other irregularities, as well as your risk of developing various oral diseases.

Advantages Of Dental Exam

Your dentist will look for signs of tooth decay and cavities during your routine check-up. These problems can infect the tooth pulp, the soft tissue in the center of the tooth, and spread to the root and beyond.

One sign of possible tooth decay is an accumulation of plaque and tartar, which can lead to gum disease. A dental exam entails much more than simply checking for cavities and deterioration. Additional disorders that can be discovered during a dental examination include:

  • Gum disease
  • Oral cancer
  • Other serious medical conditions
Benefits Of Teeth Cleaning

A dentist or dental hygienist will perform oral prophylaxis (professional teeth cleaning) to remove bacteria, plaque, and tartar buildups that can occur even if you brush and floss regularly. Dental specialists use specialized tools to carefully remove these deposits. Plaque that has hardened into tartar can only be removed by a dental professional (dental calculus). Flossing and polishing between your teeth will also be performed at a dental office to remove stains and leave your mouth feeling clean and fresh.

If plaque has accumulated beneath the gum line, your dentist or dental hygienist can remove it with a scale, a specialized type of dental cleaning commonly used to treat gum disease. Professional cleanings can help you avoid dental cavities, tooth loss, and gum disease while improving your breath and smile. Studies have linked oral health and overall well-being, and dental cleanings can help reduce the risk of diseases such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, lung infections, and diabetes.


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