tooth cavity checkup dentist

tooth cavity checkup dentist

How many advertisements for toothpaste have you seen that featured children? Too many, right? Do you not get that impression from these commercials that kids are highly prone to dental cavities? Okay, this is because the children are really susceptible to dental cavities. In fact, from the moment the first tooth erupts you should be taking proper oral care of your child’s mouth.

You’ve already done a lot to ensure your kid’s oral hygiene is fine. But, for all your efforts, you must have missed out on some points that could still lead to cavities in your child’s teeth. So, how to avoid cavities in your children’s teeth altogether?

Avoid sweet food

Keep your child away from sweet foods and drinks such as cookies, chocolates, and juices,  to name a few. Don’t let them have anything sweet in their daily diet, if possible. This is because bacteria are attracted by sugar to feed on. Such bacteria also create acids that cause plaque in the teeth, which also cause cavities.

Check for fluoride content

Fluoride not only prevents germs from attacking the teeth, but it also hardens the tooth’s enamel, making it harder for acids to enter it. Make sure your child’s toothpaste has fluoride material in it. Consult with your pediatric dentist to learn the appropriate dose of fluoride for your child’s needs.

Regular dental appointments is a MUST

How you convince your kid to go to the pediatric dentist regularly is up to you, but this is a must. Oral check-ups are important for your little ones because you need to know what’s going on inside their mouths! With regular check-ups, any early signs of cavities could be properly dealt with by the dentist. This is how dentists can apply sealants on molars and premolars for children to prevent any future chances of cavities.

Look after their oral hygiene

In the morning and at night, brushing and flossing is something that should be a part of the routine. Ensure that they are thoroughly and sufficiently washing and flossing their teeth. Maintaining good oral hygiene is the secret to avoiding cavities and setting a solid basis for oral health in the long term.

Don’t ignore misaligned teeth

When your kid grows older, his / her teeth can become quite misaligned. Believe it or not, cavities will make room for this too. Overlapping of teeth makes it impossible for the bristles of the toothbrush to touch other parts of the teeth.

This suggests that in some locations inside the mouth, food particles and acids will collect, giving way to plaque and, thus, cavities. If his / her teeth are misaligned, get orthodontic treatment for your child today.

All that said, it’s time to find a reliable dentist for your kid. To help you with that, you can get the best dentist for your kid in Magnolia TX by clicking here!

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