After care of Root Canal Treatment

How to take care of your teeth after root canal treatment?

A root canal treatment could be the only choice left other than a tooth extraction whenever a person’s teeth get severely infected. The root canal saves the teeth by removing the damaged tissues, nerves and decay. It is the only way to save the teeth. A dental crown will be placed to provide the much-needed support for the weakened teeth once the root canal procedure is completed.

What is root canal treatment?

It is a popular dentistry procedure focused on saving the tooth that got severely infected. Some common signs that one should take note of include heat and cold sensitivity, pain, swelling, bad taste in the mouth etc. These signs indicate that your teeth might need a root canal treatment. Leaving the infected teeth untreated may damage the teeth beyond repair. It may lead to tooth loss, or the dentist may recommend extraction of the infected teeth to prevent adjacent teeth from getting infected.

The endodontist opens from the top of the tooth down to the pulp chamber to access the infected area. Using a dental file, the dentist cleans the infected tissue and removes the damaged nerves causing pain and the decayed portion of the teeth. The canals are then shaped for receiving the filling materials. The dentist will use X-rays to ensure the removal of all the infected pulp.

Why is root canal treatment required?

Root canal treatment may be required if the dentist finds out that the bacterial infection has damaged the pulp of your teeth. Pain while biting or chewing, losing a tooth, and pain when eating or drinking hot or cold food are some of the symptoms that indicate a bacterial infection in your teeth. The infection then spreads from the pulp to the root canal system. Symptoms include pus oozing from the affected teeth, facial swelling, the affected tooth turning into a darker color, swelling of the gum near impacted teeth, pain when chewing or biting, etc. Leaving the infected tooth untreated may worsen the condition, making your teeth irreparable. A timely intervention by an endodontist can save the tooth with the help of root canal treatment.

Brushing instructions after root canal treatment

After completing a root canal treatment, brush your teeth gently. It would be best if you then massaged the gums using toothpaste. Ensure that you make use of toothpaste that the dentist recommends. Similarly, flossing should also be done gently to the gums and teeth. Reduce the chances of infection by using mouthwash. You should schedule regular dental visits to check whether everything has properly healed as it should be. Once the numbing medication used for root canal treatment has worn off, you can start the brushing routine. The need to brush gently has to be followed, especially when the dentist has placed a temporary dental crown after the root canal treatment. Brushing hardly may displace the temporary restoration. Hence it is advised to brush gently once the root canal treatment is completed.

Take care of what you eat from root canal treatment

The tooth undergoing root canal treatment will be slightly sensitive for the first few days. It is desirable to avoid food that may irritate your teeth. The food items to avoid include fries, chips, nuts and hard-to-chew food that may put more pressure on your teeth. Avoid sugary snacks since they can also lead to infection. Furthermore, it would be best if you did not bite hard or chew with force since it can lead to infection in the tooth.

The dentist will administer a local anesthetic before the beginning of treatment. It is desirable to begin eating once the numbness wears off. Eating at the time of numbness may cause unnecessary chewing of the tongue or cheek, further escalating the problem. Furthermore, you should avoid oily, hard and sticky food since it could lead to cracks within the teeth. Only prefer easy-to-chew food for eating once the root canal treatment is completed. Some food items you can eat are oatmeal, soups, mashed potatoes, soft vegetables, pasta and mashed banana.

You should follow the aftercare instructions mentioned by your dentist after completing root canal treatment to experience faster recovery. By repairing the tooth, root canal treatment can go a long way in restoring your teeth’s functionality. You can eat, chew, and speak properly without any hassles.

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