The Severity of Gum Disease Increases with Time, Know its Stages

Gum Disease

Poor oral hygiene can be the cause of innumerable dental problems and gum disease is one of them. It not only affects your mouth immensely, but gum disease may also elevate the risk of other health issues such as diabetes, stroke and heart disease. The primary reason for its cause is the formation of plaque near your gum area. This happens when you don’t brush and floss properly or maintain a good dental hygiene.

Today, we will be talking about gum disease in detail. So, first let us take a look at its stages:


This is the first stage of gum disease where the initial symptoms can be understood. Your gums can become tender, swollen and red at this stage which can cause certain discomforts. Another symptom could be bleeding gums, you can experience this while brushing or flossing. Gingivitis could be reversible with adequate oral care and professional dental treatment.


The severity of gum disease will escalate to its next stage (periodontitis) if not treated on time. Periodontal pockets start developing which occur due to loosening of the teeth and destruction of supporting tissues. These pockets get deeper with each passing day and make more spaces for bacteria to live. Periodontal pockets also cause receding gums which make your teeth look longer as the roots get exposed.

Advanced Periodontitis:

The final stage of gum disease is termed as advanced periodontitis. The bone that holds your teeth starts getting damaged at this stage which further leads to tooth loss. This condition can largely affect your bite.

Getting gum disease treated on time can help prevent some serious oral issues. Thus, visit your dentist if your gums have become swollen or red. Don’t let the seriousness of the disease elevate. Consult a dentist right away.

These Steps Can Help Prevent Gum Disease

  • Make it a point to brush and floss twice in a day.
  • Smoking can lead to the formation of plaque, thus, give up on the habit.
  • Add a lot of nutrients to your diet and eliminate acidic foods and beverages because eating healthy can also give your dental health a boost.
  • Don’t eat sugary foods much because it can escalate the formation of bacteria which can give rise to dental plaque.

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A Dental Emergency Can Arise Without Notifying, Here are Some of its Examples

Looking after your dental hygiene can help you maintain a good oral health, but your mouth could be prone to several diseases if you don’t take care of it. A dental emergency occurs all of a sudden and it could cause you a lot of discomforts. Overlooking an oral problem can lead to something serious, therefore, it is essential to consult a dentist right away.

We have spoken about some of the most common examples of dental emergency in this write-up which are mentioned below.

  • When a Dental Crown Becomes Loose 

There could be a decay underneath your dental crown due to which the cement can break or the crown might get loose. See your dentist immediately if something similar happens or else fix it with a dental cement if the dentist is not available for the time being.

  • A Throbbing Toothache 

There are several reasons behind the occurrence of a toothache. It could be because of inflamed gums, tooth eruption, dental abscess, trauma or an injury, bruxism and so on. Ignoring it can give rise to some other oral problem.

  • When Your Teeth Become Sensitive

Tooth sensitivity can take place when the dentine which lies beneath the enamel gets exposed. And when that happens, your teeth become sensitive to something hot or cold.

  • If a Tooth Gets Knocked Out 

A knocked out tooth causes an extensive amount of bleeding. However, it can be controlled by pressing the affected area with a cold compress. But it’s better to consult a dentist during such times.

  • A Broken or a Chipped Tooth

This could happen if you bite on anything hard. A tooth can also break or get chipped while playing sports or during an accident. Consult a dentist to get it cured.

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