Dentures: Definition & Benefits

Do you suffer from lost or missing teeth? Have you lost the confidence to flash your smile like before?  Dentures are the answer to all your problems. Tooth loss can happen due to a variety of reasons ranging from poor hygiene to serious accidents. Either way, dentures are your one-stop solution and will help you smile widely once you start using them. Our dentists at Floss Dental will help you understand the benefits of using dentures.

What are Dentures?

Before jumping into the benefits, let us find out what dentures are. Dentures are false teeth that act as a replacement in case you are suffering from teeth loss. Your Magnolia dentist will attach them to a metal plate and place them in the interiors of your mouth. They look and feel just like your natural teeth and help you go back to your regular routine. You can get rid of your dental anxieties with these dentures.

Benefits Of Dentures

With the advancements of dentistry, it has become easier to opt for less invasive procedures and address our dental concerns at the same time. Listed below are the benefits associated with the usage of dentures.

Maintains your Facial Structure

When you lose your teeth, your facial muscles might sag affecting your appearance. Missing teeth affect your bone structure, which in turn can alter the way you look. When dentures are built, your dentist in Magnolia considers your bone structure. This helps to restore your previous appearance before tooth loss and helps retain your facial structure.

Improves your Appearance

People with lost teeth feel embarrassed about smiling and even eating in the public. With advancements in modern dentistry, bid those days goodbye. Go for dentures and regain your lost smile. Dentures feel and look just like your natural teeth. They give you back your youthful smile and reduce sagging in your facial muscles.

Can be easily taken care of

Dentures are very easy to maintain. They can be easily removed and cleaned. You must rinse it well after every well. Soak it in a cleaning solution overnight for effective cleaning. That way you can get rid of any bacterial buildup and your dentures will also stay in shape. You can consult your Magnolia dentist for more tips to take better care of your dentures.

Affordable option

Dentures are the most economical option of all the replacement methods. Dental implants and bridges are extremely expensive. Dentures protect your remaining natural teeth and also give you the feel of your real teeth while you use them. They are the most inexpensive of all the restorative materials available. You can choose these appliances and save some money. However, you must consult your dentist in Magnolia if you are looking for an exact estimate.

Improved Chewing Abilities

Missing teeth can make your meals a nightmare. Dentures can give you the liberty to eat whatever you like. It becomes easier to chew thanks to the replacement set of teeth. Chew those fresh fruits with ease and boost your immune system with the help of dentures. Additionally, these restorations can also improve your speech and reduce the chances of slurring.

We hope this blog has helped you to understand how beneficial dentures can be for your oral health. Looking for the best dentures in Magnolia, TX? Get in touch with us at Floss Dental and enjoy the best dental care services in Magnolia, TX.




List Of Food Items That Can Harm Your Dental Health

Food has a significant impact on both our oral and overall health. But did you know that certain foods can cause tooth decay? The majority of these items are commonplace in our lives. Are you taken aback? Our dentists at Floss Dental have enumerated a few of these food items below. This will help you to make better choices when it comes to your diet. Your favorite dentist in Magnolia is here to help you out!

Food Items That Can Harm Your Teeth

Along with avoiding these foods you also need to compliment your oral cavity with a good oral care routine. Practice regular brushing and flossing to prevent any damage to your teeth. Worried about the correct technique of flossing? Consult your Magnolia dentist for proper guidance. For now, let us focus on the food items that we must try to avoid.


Are you aware that the bread you eat daily can damage your teeth? Bread is high in carbohydrates. The saliva in your mouth breaks down the starch in your bread as you chew it. This can cling to your teeth and accumulate in areas where your regular toothbrush cannot reach. This facilitates the growth of cavities and creates a lot of damage and decay. Change to whole-wheat varieties with less sugar if you cannot cut them out of your diet. You can consult your dentist in Magnolia for more alternatives.


Can’t stay without sipping on carbonated beverages? These fizzy drinks contain a lot of sugar, which can cause corrosion to your tooth enamel. Cannot get rid of them? You can sip on them along with your meals. This will lead to saliva production and wash away the acid.


Alcohol can be very harmful to your oral as well as your overall health. Alcohol can lead to tooth discoloration and can also cause a dry mouth. This means less production of saliva which is ideal for bacterial infections. It could also lead to halitosis.  You must visit your Magnolia dentist if you notice any of these symptoms. This will prevent further oral health complications.

Sugary Food Items

We know that excessive sugar is very harmful to the teeth.  Destructive bacteria enjoy and feed on the sugar we eat. The acid that they produce as a result of the process causes tooth decay and dental cavities. You must limit your intake of sugary drinks and candies. Otherwise, you might suffer from severe dental complications. Reduce your sugar consumption to reduce your trips to your dentist in Magnolia.

Citrus Fruits

Fruits are very healthy for us. But did you know that citric fruits can harm your teeth? The most common cause of enamel erosion is citric acid. This also opens the door to tooth sensitivity. You must rinse your mouth after eating these fruits. This will aid in the removal of the acid and the prevention of enamel corrosion. You must use a straw for sipping juices of these citric fruits.

We hope this blog helps to achieve good dental health. You can visit us at Floss Dental if you are looking for the best dental care services in Magnolia, TX.

Be Better Prepared For Your Root Canal Using These Tips

Root canals are a routine procedure that tackles your infected pulp. Skipping your root canal treatments can lead to painful extractions once the infection has spread. Are you worried about root canal pain? Our dentists at Floss Dental have listed certain tips and tricks to help you prepare for the procedure. Say goodbye to your fears and get your root canal treatment today!

What Is a Root Canal?

Before focusing on the tips we must first understand what is a root canal. Root canal procedure is a form of endodontic treatment that is recommended by your Magnolia dentist when the pulp has been infected. This treatment can stop the spread of the infection and protect your pearly whites from further damage. You won’t have to worry about losing your teeth and the decay will also be contained. 

Tips To Help You Prepare For Your Root Canal Treatment

Preparing beforehand will help you to take control of your fears and calm you down. You will know what to expect and be in more control of the situation. Your favorite Magnolia dentist has listed below certain tips for you to better prepare for your root canal procedure. You can also consult your dental care professional to get to know more about root canals.

Talk To Your Dentist

Consult your dentist in case you have concerns regarding your procedure. Your dentist in Magnolia is there to answer all your queries and address all your doubts. Getting all your answers will help you to relax throughout your treatment. Follow their directions and ask for after-care instructions to speed up your root canal recovery process.

Fill Your Stomach

You must eat enough food before your procedure unless your Magnolia dentist has specifically warned you against it. Your dentist will use a sedative and you might not be able to eat anything till the effects wear off. Moreover, an empty stomach could make you feel uncomfortable throughout the treatment.

Get Proper Rest

You must sleep well before your root canal procedure. A well-rested body usually heals faster. Hence, adequate sleep is essential for a faster root canal recovery process.

Stay Away From Tobacco & Alcohol

Refrain from smoking and drinking twenty-four hours before the treatment. This can have an adverse impact and lead to several disruptions for your dentist. Tobacco can alter the effects of dental sedation. Intake of alcohol can lead to a dry mouth that could make it difficult for your dentist in Magnolia to perform the procedure smoothly. This might have a negative impact on the results as well.

Opt For Pain Medications

You can opt for pain killers after consulting your dental care professional. It will help you to tackle root canal pain post-treatment. Get it well before time to avoid any hassle on the day of the procedure.

We hope this blog helps you with your preparation before the root canal treatment. Looking for the best root canal treatment in Magnolia, TX? Get in touch with us at Floss Dental and have the best dental care experience of your life.

The Role of Dental Hygienists In Improving Our Oral Health

Who Are Dental Hygienists? 

Most people think that brushing twice a day along with frequent flossing are capable of keeping our teeth in top-notch condition. You need to pay regular visits to a specific kind of dentist to keep your gums and teeth strong and healthy for as long as possible,. They are known as dental hygienists. Good dental hygienists who care about our oral health can prove to be very rare. These kinds of dentists need to finish an accredited dental hygiene course worth 2 years and prove their merits in several national and state exams. They are meticulously trained in the art of practicing and teaching everything related to oral hygiene. 

But how do you define a dental hygienist? A dental hygienist, also known as an oral hygienist, who provides preventive dental care and professional oral cleaning. They also treat various kinds of periodontal issues. From providing fluoride treatments to applying various kinds of dental dressings and fillings, dental hygienists can seem to be the jack of all trades. 

How To Find The Right Dental Hygienist? 

Dentists tend to come in many forms and shapes. But most importantly, certain kinds of dental care specialists do much more than cleaning your mouth and performing routine oral checks. All general dentists require the assistance of an expert dental hygienist. Generally, the main priorities of dental hygienists are to ensure that the patient leaves with perfect and sparkling teeth. Now let us take a look at some tips about how to find the right dental hygienist:

  • Firstly, thorough research should be conducted to confirm the validity of the dental hygienist’s qualifications and credentials.
  • Secondly, getting good and dependable referrals from your friends and families.
  • Thirdly, it is crucial to check the experience of the dental hygienist.
  • Fourthly, consider the gender of the dental hygienists.
  • Fifthly, you should make sure that your chosen dental hygienist is well-versed in modern and updated dental procedures and technologies.

The Important Role of Dental Hygienists In Our Oral Health 105

 The roles and responsibilities of dental hygienists are listed below:

  • Working closely with the dentists and following all their instructions.
  • Helping in sealing fissures and cracks in teeth.
  • Providing necessary treatments to prevent dental cavities.
  • Removing plaque and tartar from teeth.
  • Offer periodontal charting and scaling to suitable patients.
  • Educating the patients about the importance of oral care and dental health. 
  • Working hard to keep up the morale of the patients.
  • Ensuring the maintenance of proper dental hygiene. 


Finally, we hope our blog has helped you in getting a clear understanding the important role of dental hygienists in maintaining our oral health. If you need the best dental hygienist in Magnolia, TX, then please visit us at Floss Dental Magnolia. We pride ourselves on our exceptional dental care services. 

5 Reasons Behind The Popularity Of Dental Implants

Suffering from a missing tooth? Well, dental implants can replace them in the blink of an eye. They have several restorative benefits and can make your smile look a hundred times better. Dental implants have quickly become a wildly popular choice and rightly so. It helps you regain your lost confidence and change your appearance in a minute.


What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is primarily a replacement for a missing tooth. It is surgically inserted into the jawbone and acts as an anchor for a crown. It acts as an original tooth root and completely fuses with the bone structure after a couple of months. Now that we know what to expect from dental implants, we should not forget that the perks associated with dental implants are deemed to be the most popular option amongst patients. Let us take a look at a detailed analysis of the reasons behind its popularity.

Why are Dental Implants so Popular?

From an impeccable smile to the best oral hygiene. Dental implants can change your dental hygiene game in a jiffy. The reasons listed below will bust the secret behind their increasing popularity.

Look your Best

Opting for dental implants will grant your wishes of a beautiful smile. You won’t hesitate to flash those pearly whites anymore. Dental Implants are carefully produced to look just like your natural teeth and even function like it. You regain your lost confidence and feel great from within. Hence, investing in dental implants is absolutely worth it. Get an implant and look your best today!


Dental implants are extremely durable and resilient than their counterparts. If you take care of your implants properly then they are likely to last a lifetime. They might seem like a costlier option in the beginning. However, they are so easy to maintain and reliable that they prove to be the best investment in the long run. 

Easily Maintained

Wondering how to take care of your dental implants? Well, they are the easiest to care for. They do not require any special appliances for their maintenance. Just brush and floss regularly and you are good to go. However, do not skip your dental visits. Your dentists need to check your implants from time to time t prevent bacterial growth.

No Chances of Bone Loss

If you suffer from missing teeth, then the bone around the area gets extremely weak and is susceptible to extreme deterioration. Tooth loss can lead to a declining condition in your bone mass and create dental implant complications and failure. An implant on the other hand fuses with your dental bone structure and strengthens it. This ultimately minimizes the risk of bone loss and preserves the tissues surrounding your teeth.

Excellent Functioning

People cannot enjoy their favorite food items when their teeth are missing. With dental implants, you no longer need to restrict your diet and can consume anything you wish to. These implants don’t just allow you to enjoy your favorite edibles, but they also improve your ability to chew. Dental implants are surgically inserted in your jawbone, which strengthens the teeth structure and even helps address your speech problems.


With advancements in the field of dentistry, dental implants are only going to improve in their functions and features. What are you waiting for? Go for dental implants today. If you are looking for dental implant services in Magnolia, TX then feel free to visit our Magnolia dentist at Floss Dental. 

Tips To Prevent Gum Disease

Your oral health is not just about the teeth. Have you ever thought that gums are an integral part of your oral health? Well, if you didn’t know then now is the time to do so. Not adopting preventive measures to take care of your gums can be the reason for serious dental problems in the future years. Also, unhealthy gums can play a vital role in creating other health issues.


As wise men say “Prevention is better than cure”. This phrase stands for your gums as well. Adopting a few preventive measures can change the entire ball game and help you to prevent gum disease with ease. In this blog, we have provided you with tips that can be followed by investing a few minutes in dental care. Therefore, go through the sections below and draw an end to all confusions related to this topic.

Gum Disease – What is it?

Before talking about the steps to prevent gum problems, you should be aware of what it actually is. Gum disease generally starts with the formation of plaque on the gum line. The plaque is a sticky, film-like substance and consists of bacteria that can do serious damage to your gums and teeth. Ignoring the plaque buildup can result in the initiation of the first stage of gum disease – gingivitis. The severity of gum disease increases along with the passage of time. So, you should be very careful to notice the first symptoms of gum disease. 

  • Reddish gums
  • Inflamed gums
  • Tender gums
  • Continuous bad breath
  • Traces of bleeding while brushing or flossing

In case you face any of the above-mentioned signs of gum disease, do not get scared. Visit a dentist and talk about your problem to resolve it. 

How to prevent gum disease?

  • Floss your teeth – The first step to execute to eliminate the chances of suffering from gum disease is flossing. It is like a thread that helps to clean the areas which cannot be reached by your toothbrush. Flossing your teeth at least once a day will remove the plaque from your gum line and in turn lower the chances of gum disease. 
  • Go for a dental cleaning – Look for a dental clinic near you and book an appointment to undergo professional teeth cleaning once in a while. Always remember that the advanced stage of plaque buildup is known as the tartar and can be only removed with the help of a professional dental cleaning session. Also, going for an in-person check-up increases your chances of the gum problem getting diagnosed at an early stage. 
  • Do not smoke – Giving up on the habit of smoking (if you are a smoker) is a must if you want to prevent gum disease. Smoking tobacco decreases your immunity level and as a result, lessens your body’s ability to fight against the infection-causing bacteria.
  • Brush your teeth – Brushing your teeth can be helpful in preventing gum disease as well. Brushing removes the food particles stuck in between the teeth and helps to prevent plaque buildup. You can get fluoride toothpaste that is available in the market to get better results.

Keep these simple tips in mind and maintain proper oral health. You can also choose to undergo gum treatment at a nearby clinic. Contact Floss Dental – Dentist Magnolia, TX for further details.