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Tooth Extractions In Magnolia, TX

At Floss Dental of Magnolia, Texas, we offer a variety of dental care solutions, such as tooth extractions and procedures meant to protect your remaining teeth and keep your gums and teeth healthy. In order to find the best options for your unique needs and price range, we work with you and your family. The most important information regarding tooth extraction in Magnolia, Texas, is provided below.

How Much Does a Tooth Extraction Cost?

Several variables affect how much a tooth extraction in Magnolia, Texas costs. Depending on whether you need oral surgery or a straightforward extraction procedure, it might change. All of your dental extraction costs will be precisely estimated by us, and we'll work with your dental insurance or discount program to lower your out-of-pocket costs.


What Is an Oral Surgery Extraction?

When a tooth is impacting or pressing on another tooth or has not yet emerged through the gums, people choose oral surgery. This is frequently true of wisdom teeth, whose safe removal may necessitate oral surgery. If necessary, we can recommend an oral surgeon to you for your tooth extraction.

Is Having My Tooth Pulled Out The Only Option I Have?

If your tooth is still intact, our dentists at Floss Dental will do everything possible to save it and provide you with the assistance you require to protect your damaged or broken teeth from further harm. The most practical option for teeth that have been severely damaged by decay or other problems is likely tooth removal. To make sure you comprehend the tooth extraction process and the price of the services we'll provide, we'll go over all of your options with you.

Can I Have My Decayed, Cracked, or Broken Teeth Extracted At Your Office?

We offer root canal procedures and other services at Floss Dental in Magnolia, Texas, to protect your remaining teeth. You can have your tooth extracted in our office or by an oral surgeon if none of these alternatives work for you. The majority of the time, extracting a tooth also gets rid of the source of pain, making it a great option for people with toothaches. Following your tooth extraction, we will go over with you all of your options for restoring your missing tooth in order to maintain a healthy bite.

Why Are Baby Teeth Removed Sometimes?

We may need to remove your child's baby teeth if they are impeding the eruption of adult teeth in order to clear space for normal tooth development. To improve your kids' dental health, it might also be necessary to remove any infected or decayed teeth.

Will Teeth Extractions Be Necessary In Case Of Advanced Gum Disease?

Advanced periodontal disease that has caused tooth loosening may necessitate extraction. The dental team at Floss Dental in Magnolia, Texas will make an effort to keep your teeth if it is possible. In order to maintain good oral health, we can also remove teeth that are no longer healthy and need to be removed. This will typically immediately relieve the pain and give you and your family the best chance to combat gum disease.

Do Wisdom Teeth Need to Be Removed?

Wisdom teeth usually appear between the ages of adolescence and early adulthood. This third set of molars can cause significant crowding of the neighboring teeth and infections or damage to the surrounding teeth. Wisdom tooth extractions are fairly common, and they are done to prevent damage from occurring in the first place. Additionally, they provide several therapeutic advantages to patients suffering from pain and discomfort from impacted wisdom teeth

What Happens If My Teeth Are Too Crowded?

If your mouth is too small for your adult teeth, you may experience gum or jaw pain. Teeth that are very crowded could lead to crooked or misaligned teeth structures. If you choose braces to straighten your teeth, our Magnolia, TX dentists at Floss Dental may need to extract one or more teeth in order for them to settle into the proper positions in your mouth.

How To Take Proper Care Of My Teeth and Gums After an Extraction Procedure?

Regular post-extraction care instructions usually include a list of activities to avoid for the next 24 to 48 hours. Following these instructions will ensure that your extraction site heals as quickly as possible and that your surgical treatment does not cause any problems.

How Quickly Will The Site Of Extraction Heal?

The recovery period following your tooth extraction procedure is usually lengthy. Your dentist will give you detailed instructions on how to care for your teeth and gums. If you have undergone oral surgery, your recovery time may be a little longer than the rest.


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