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Why is Proper Dental Care So Important?

Here’s a great example.

Like many people, Marie, a 46-year old woman living in the Magnolia area of Texas, didn’t like going to the dentist. She was self-conscious about her teeth, which had gotten crooked and weren’t as white as they once were.
Marie hadn’t been to a dentist for over five years – thinking if she didn’t feel any pain, then everything must be fine. She didn’t want a dentist to judge her teeth.

When she woke up one night with a toothache, she thought she could wait it out by taking some ibuprofen. Instead, the pain got worse. It developed into an infection that swelled up Marie’s face and sent her to the emergency dentist.
Marie endured a painful tooth extraction, had to take time off work to recover, and spent a lot of money out-of-pocket.

Stories like this are all too common. Marie’s problem could have been easily avoided by regular dental visits. She could have saved her tooth, money, and avoided a lot of pain.

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Marie has been a patient with us since her emergency surgery, and is doing just fine now! We were able to fit her with an implant, Invisalign, and a free whitening session.

She’s not shy about showing off her smile anymore. If she had found a dentist who she trusted before her incident, she wouldn’t have waited so long to have the issue addressed. Her experience was a common misconception: that tooth pain will go away and check-ups are pointless unless you’re in pain.

At FLOSS, we aim to prevent problems like Marie’s before they happen. Here’s how we’re changing dentistry in Magnolia and what we can do for you!

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