How To Floss Your Teeth Properly?

You must have often heard about the importance of flossing in order to maintain oral hygiene. Brushing your teeth on a regular basis cannot be enough to get rid of the food materials stuck in between your teeth. This is where the importance of flossing emerges and becomes very prominent. Flossing helps to clean your teeth properly and in turn reduces the chances of plaque buildup or growth of infection-causing germs in your teeth.

Here at FLOSS, we often come across questions related to the proper ways of flossing. It is due to this reason that we decided to post a blog that will cover all the information about the correct way of flossing. Therefore, in case of any query, do go through the sections below.

Dental floss is available in different varieties in the market. You should select a particular option on the basis of your requirements that includes the amount of space in between your teeth, the presence of bridges or braces, etc. The different types of floss are being mentioned in the pointers below:

  • Standard Floss – 

This Is A Thin Strand That Is Made Of Nylon And Fits Perfectly In Between The Teeth. There Are Several Categories Of Standard Floss Such As Flavored, Unflavored, Unwaxed, Or Waxed.

  • Dental Tape – 

This Type Of Floss Is Both Flat And Broad Like A Ribbon. Dental Tape Is The Perfect Type Of Floss If You Have Gaps In Between Your Teeth Or Use Braces.

  • Super Floss –

 This Is The Best Option For Flossing When It Comes To People Using Braces And Bridges.  Super Floss Generally Consists Of Three Major Components – Spongy Floss, Stiffened End, And Regular Floss.

Steps to follow while Flossing

We are providing some of the guidelines that are to be kept in mind while flossing in the pointers below. Go through them and ensure the maintenance of your oral hygiene.

  • You Should Break Off Around 18 To 24 Inches Of Dental Floss. To Floss In A Proper Manner, It Is Recommended To Wind Most Of The Floss Around Your Fingers While You Leave 1 To 2 Inches For Your Teeth.
  • You Should Hold The Floss Taut With The Index Finger And Thumbs.
  • You Should Then Place The Dental Floss Within Your Teeth And Glide It Up And Down. Make Sure To Rub It Against Every Tooth To Get Rid Of Remnant Food Particles.
  • Curve The Floss At The Base Of The Tooth In The Form Of A C Shape When You Reach Down To Your Gums While Flossing.
  • You Need To Know That The Key To Executing This Task In A Proper Manner Is Its Regularity. Try To Floss Every Day To Avoid The Growth Of Infection-Causing Bacteria In Your Mouth.

We hope that you have now gathered the required information related to flossing. Always remember that good oral hygiene demands much more than just brushing. Flossing will not just help you to remove bacteria but will also eliminate the chances of facing problems related to gum disease or tooth decay.

In case of any further doubts, do try to look for a quality dentist near you. If you are finding the best dental clinic in Magnolia, TX, contact FLOSS. Our staff is here to help you out with the best dental service possible at an affordable price. Book your appointment now and ensure the wellness of your oral health. While COVID-19 is not known to be caught through dental problems, it will not take any effort to take be more precautious.

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